“Only Where Graves Are” ebook available next week

Hey friends –

I’m super excited to let you know about a project I’ve been working on for Lent this year.

I’ve been talking for years about doing more substantive writing, and several months ago I decided that now was the time. I wanted to work on a project that would be fun and natural, and manageable in its scope, and so I decided to put together an ebook for Lent.

The title of the book is “Only Where Graves Are”, borrowing from the famous Nietzsche quote: “Only where graves are are there resurrections.” It’s ten (modest) chapters long, and each chapter is essentially an extended meditation on the lectionary readings for the key moments in Lent–Ash Wednesday, each of the Sundays, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday.


My hope with the book is that, by serving as a bit of a companion to you during Lent, you’ll find yourself drawn more deeply into the story of how God has come to us in the obedient, suffering, and finally resurrected Christ–who illuminates for us not only who God is but also the nature and destiny of our own humanity. In the adoration of Christ, we find that his story becomes our story.

The book will be available for purchase over at the Bloom website early next week. I hope you’ll buy and enjoy and tell all your friends 🙂

Grace to you.


4 thoughts on ““Only Where Graves Are” ebook available next week

  1. Looking forward to it!
    Good for you in risking love through printed words!

    John Boyd
    Forge • Content Team Writer
    o 303.745.8191 ext 1003 • d 859.468.8461 • ForgeForward.org

    Kingdom Building Ministries is now Forge!

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