My Interview with Aaron Brown and the Terminal Podcast

Happy New Year everyone!

While we’re on a bit of a winter vacation chilling with the family up here in ol’ central Wisconsin, I thought I’d post a recent interview I did with Aaron Brown and the Terminal Podcast.

Aaron works at my alma mater, Oral Roberts University and does a bit of blogging and podcasting in his spare time.  His podcast, the Terminal Podcast, is designed to expose folks to current trends in ministry-land and facilitate conversations about some of the pressing church/ministry/theological issues of our day.

I had the good pleasure of doing an interview with Aaron several weeks ago regarding Bloom.  It was a really fun conversation that ranged back and forth from how Bloom started to our house churches to spiritual gifts and how we see our ministry model promoting the flourishing of people’s gifts to what our 10 year dream is, and much more… it was a gob of fun doing the 35 minute interview with Aaron and I hope you’ll check it out here.

Looking forward to a great 2012 friends… thanks for following the blog!

Grace and peace…






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