“And if God is for us” Pt 2 – MUST READ, especially for Bloom peeps, house churchers, and family that knows about our situation of late

So, we’re like jumping up and down with elation over here at the Arndt household… let me tell the tale.

Most of you that have been following our lives know the story: we decided to go ahead and buy a house (since the housing market was ridiculously good for buying), and got a great deal on a marvelous house.  CATCH: we had just signed a year lease on our rental house, and the break-lease fee was 3 months rent ($3600… yikes!) UNLESS we could find a renter.  If we could get a renter by November 1st, we’d be out free and clear.

Meanwhile, during the past several weeks, we’d been working through Jesus’ teaching on prayer in the Sermon on the Mount.  I had been convicted during that time that many of my prayers amounted to “hedging my bets”.  That is, I often prayed so non-specifically that it was easy to maintain plausible deniability.  In other words, if “it” (whatever “it” was) happened or didn’t happen, it’d be hard to know since my prayers were generally unspecific.  “God, we ask for provision…” and whatnot.  I felt the Lord asking me to get specific.  So I specifically asked for things, and challenged our community to do likewise.

One of the “specific” requests I had been making was regarding our rental house, and it was this: “Lord, I’m asking that you’d have this place filled with a renter for us by November 1st.”  True confession, I even did a little “naming and claiming”: “Lord, we call this house filled by November 1st.”  I’m not sure if it was heretical, but it seemed true to the spirit of Mark 11:20-24, so I decided to do it.

SO, we advertised the house on Craigslist, and showed it multiple times.  No applications were returned to the office.  We re-posted the listing on Craigslist last week, and had a new spurt of inquiries.  Several people came and saw it over the weekend, as we were moving.  And yet, by the time Monday morning rolled around, no applications had been returned.  In my heart, I conceded defeat.  “You win some and lose some” I thought.  I filled out the appropriate paperwork, grabbed the keys to the house, and drove off to turn it in, knowing we’d be some $3,600 poorer for so doing.

AS I’M DRIVING TO THE MANAGEMENT OFFICE, my cell phone rings.  I don’t recognize the number, but I answer nevertheless.  “This is Andrew” I say.  The voice at the other end says, “Hi, we’re wondering if the place on Hazel Court is still for rent?”  “No” I reply, “I’m heading to the office now to turn in the keys.  You’ll have to contact them…” and I give her the number.  I can tell the conversation is nearly over when she says, “Oh, well you showed the house to my mom this past weekend and she really liked it…”

“WAIT!” I return, “Is your mother _______?”  “Yes,” she replies.  She got sick over the weekend and didn’t fill out the paperwork but really liked the place and wants to rent it.


So I tell her, “Look, call the management company and let them know you’re interested in renting.  I’ll head over there, turn in the keys, and put in a good word for you.”  By the time I get there, one of them had received a voicemail from the interested renter.  I asked, “So where does that leave us?”  “Well,” they replied, “if she passes the application process, we should be good.”  I call the lady back and tell her the good news.

Several days pass and we don’t hear anything.  This morning, Mandi and I had once again conceded defeat, thinking that since we hadn’t heard, she must not have passed the application process.  Then, an hour ago, I get a phone call from the president of the company:

Andrew, hi, this is _________.  Good news.  So-and-so passed the application process.  She’s coming in at 3:00 to sign the paperwork.  So what we’ll do is, we’ll refund your security deposit, minus the prorated rent for November, minus the lease transfer fee, and minus any repairs or maintenance we have to do before she moves in next week.

I can’t believe what I’m hearing.  Not only are we NOT having to pay out, but we’re actually going to GET MONEY BACK?  ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS?  I’m totally astounded.  I quickly blurt out something very diplomatic like “Well, that sounds wonderful.  Please let us know what we can do to expedite the process…” hang up the phone, and quickly run up stairs shouting like an idiot to Mandi, “Guess what guess what guess what!?!?”

Joy, joy, joy.

Thanks for all the prayers everyone.  God is faithful.

(Oh, and PS, we also sold our car today… hurray!)

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