Bloom … The Last Couple Weeks and the Days Ahead

Man, it has been a marvelous few weeks at Bloom … it’s been fun to get a little preaching break and honestly, I don’t think Bloom could have had better “guest” speakers during that break

3 weekends ago Michael’s dad Pastor Ed Gungor came and shared on loving people we can’t stand … a CLASSIC Pastor Ed message on how the kingdom breaks into the world in (and especially) through our love for people who are “other” from us.  Fantastic message (listen to it here)

2 weekends ago Michael himself spoke on the idea that “goodness is a real thing” and challenged us to live a life of goodness and virtue

Then this past weekend we were blown away by the verbal onslaught that is Substance Church’s Pastor Peter Haas … Peter challenged us to embrace the idea that the ONLY way transformation breaks into our lives is via authentic, honest, “confessing” community … what an incredible night it was!

(Unfortunately, because we were in the alternative meeting space at The Sanctuary, we didn’t get to record podcasts for the last two messages … poop!)

So it’s been a great June to say the least … the sad and yet really exciting news coming out of Bloomland is that WE ARE MOVING! While we have SO enjoyed our time with the folks at The Sanctuary, and opportunity has come up for us to hold our services RIGHT DOWNTOWN in one of Denver’s most gorgeous and historic church buildings … First Baptist Church of Denver

SOOOOOOOOOO … Be sure to join us this Sunday at 4:00 at our new location (click here for details) … and be sure to bring some FOOD FOOD FOOD.  We’re going to do an early service + a 4th of July BBQ potluck afterwards … we’ll supply the meat and drinks and buns if you bring the rest!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


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