A Sabbath Prayer

I love to pray.  I hope you do too.  One of the great joys of my life has been discovering the rich tradition of praying written prayers.  Like good worship songs, written prayers open up our imaginations and help us lift our heart to God in choice, meaningful ways.

Today I ran into this one, and it was really apropos … The Arndt family takes Fridays as our “Sabbath” day.  A day for rest and play and prayer and refreshment.  This prayer reminded me that the “deep meaning” of Sabbath is that we can rest because God’s mysterious presence is always at work to make our lives whole, robust, and safe.

Come O holy Paraclete

And from your celestial seat

Send your light and brilliancy

Father of the poor, draw near

Giver of gifts, be here

Come, the soul’s true radiancy

Come, of comforters the best

Of the soul the sweetest guest

Come in toil refreshingly;

You in labor rest most sweet

You in shadow from the heat

Comfort in adversity

O light, most pure and blest

Shine within the inmost breast

Of your faithful company.

Where you are not, man has nought

Every holy deed and thought

Comes from your divinity.

What is soiled, you make pure

What is wounded, work its cure

What is parched, fructify;

What is rigid, gently tend

What is frozen, gently bend

Straighten what goes erringly.

Fill your faithful who confide

In your power to guard and guide

With your sevenfold mystery.

Here thy grace and virtue send

Grant salvation in the end

And in heaven felicity.


May the Spirit of God pervade your life today.  Wherever there is hardness, rigidness, and darkness, may He soften, bend, and enlighten.  May you remember today that God is, and that (as the great Oral Roberts used to say) “God is a GOOD God.”

Know and celebrate his abundant goodness today.



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